How to Use an XBox Live Gold Membership
Nov. 26, 2018

Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game system provides online services for Xbox Live and Xbox Live Marketplace for those who sign up to be a member of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live Marketplace allow players to enjoy not only online games with others players, but also download music and videos. Rent and watch movies and TV shows and even buy video games.

First, you need to set up an Xbox Live Gold account. Proceed as follows:

1. Select your player profile and go to "My Xbox."
2. Select the "Join Xbox Live" option.
3. Click on "Connection".
4. Enter a valid email address and password and confirm the password.
5. Select a question from the list and enter the answer you want to use.
6. Enter your date of birth and select "Next".
7. Accept the "Terms of Service and the Xbox Live Privacy Policy" and click "Next".
8. Choose one of the three available Gold subscriptions if you wish to use a credit card. If you have an Xbox Live Gold membership card, select the "I have a subscription card" option. Click on "Next" after selecting your membership information.
9. Enter your name, surname and phone number and click "Next".
10. Choose if you want to send Xbox spam messages to your email address.
11. As a "Play Zone", choose whether you want "Recreation", "Pro", "Family" or "Metro".
12. Click on "Next" to confirm your information.
13. Click on "Next" and create a gamertag.
14. Click "Next" to send your information to the Xbox.

15. Choose if you want to use your "avatar" for your player photo.

Once you finished these steps, you have an Xbox Live Gold account only for you, then get an xbox gift card global card and start to enjoy it.